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individual therapy

Individual therapy

For children, youths and families: 

Emotions and feelings can be complex and confusing. This is especially so for children and adolescents as they begin to navigate through life. To help them make sense of their inner experiences, we tap on their natural languages -- art and play -- to facilitate alternative ways of expression, discovery and understanding. Through creative medias like art, sand, play, stories and LEGO, we support our clients in resolving their own conflicts and developing life skills. 

We work with children and youths from as young as two years, exploring themes such as: special needs and educational concerns, attachment, parental separation and divorce, transitions, bullying, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and more. We work in partnership with parents and caregivers alongside our young clients to provide more holistic care and support. 

For adults, including couples: 

We employ a client-centred and relational framework in combining the use of evidence-based counselling and creative approaches in working with adults and couples. We believe that our clients themselves are the agency of change, and our role is to foster a nurturing environment to facilitate exploration and self-discovery while empowering and equipping our clients with the necessary tools and resources they need to find strength and balance as they embrace life.

For professionals: 

We support your professional growth through personal therapy and supervision needs. 

Whether you’re looking for support to explore and process life's challenges, manage stress, anxiety or just need someone to talk to, we are here to journey with you and your loved ones. We also provide online therapy services through Zoom, as well as home-based therapy support on a needs-basis. 

group therapy and support groups

Group therapy

Group Therapy draws on the strengths of individuals within the group and offers the opportunity to connect with others, building supportive relationships and effective communication. Under the leadership of the therapist, individuals come together to share experiences non-judgmentally and gain new insights to their challenges as they find their voice and relate to others and themselves.


Remember -- you are not alone. 

Some examples of our psychotherapy groups include:

  • Art Therapy Groups

  • Art as Therapy Groups (For children)

  • Group Therapy & Support Group

training and workshops

TRAINING & Workshops

We believe in the power of community and collaboration in reaching out and advocating for art therapy, psychosocial wellness and self-care. We have worked with multiple corporates and community partners and continue to be on the look-out for new opportunities, partnerships and collaborations!

We provide training and workshops tailored to meet your needs, such as: 

  • Team building and bonding

  • Art experientials for self-care

  • Expressive arts for children

  • Introduction to art as therapy 

  • Workplace wellness

  • Mental health and wellbeing

We provide tailored workshops to meet you/ your organizations' needs. If you have an idea, or would just love to connect, we would love to hear from YOU! 

Online training/ workshops are also available through Zoom. 

Your journey is unique

Reach out to us for a complimentary discussion tailored to your needs.

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